Insurance Claims

We understand that when you make a claim you need help.

Supersolid Financial Advice will manage the claims process for you. We offer an end-to-end service that supports you through the entire claims process and beyond with:

  • Regular updates
  • Open & Honest communication,
  • Ensure that a skilled Case Manager looks after the claim from start to finish,
  • Arrange prompt claims assessment and payment

The insurance companies we recommend bring together the best people, processes, procedures and technologies aimed at providing you with a seamless claims experience.

Please contact our office as soon as you believe a claim may be necessary, even if you are unsure if you qualify. Discussing a claim with us will not affect your policy.

When submitting a claim, the following documents are generally required:

  • Certified identification
  • The original policy document
  • Evidence for the claim – this may include specialist reports and a claim form
  • A certified copy of a death certificate for death claims
  • Any other evidence that may be necessary

The insurance company will then assess your claim and may request:

  • A medical examination
  • An interview
  • Authorisation to check your Medicare records
  • Last 2 years Tax Return