Business Insurance

Every business should include business insurance as a matter of course. There is a number of key areas you should consider when implementing insurance into your business plan. They include protecting any business loan, succession planning, and business expenses.

Key Person Insurance

Key person insurance will provide a means of providing cash during tough times as your business replaces a key employee. It will help you to insure yourself from the loss of future profits. One advantage of key person insurance is that the premiums are normally tax deductible though you will likely be required to pay taxes on benefits paid out since they are normally assessable income.

Business Overheads Protection

Business Overheads Insurance is designed to cover the everyday cost of running a business for 12 months if you are sick or injured. Business overhead insurance will pay you a monthly income after the waiting period, which is usually 14 or 30 days. These benefits are tax deductible and assessable upon distribution.

Succession Planning

A business succession plan (buy/sell) agreement ensures a fair outcome in the event that you are disabled or passes away.

Buy/Sell Insurance

A Buy/Sell Insurance agreement amongst business partners can protect your business should a life changing event arise. It requires the surviving partner(s) to purchase the partner’s interest based on a pre-determined life altering event.

We can help you find the right insurance solution for you so you can be financially prepared for the unexpected. If you would like further information or would like to arrange an appointment with a risk specialist please contact us.