About Us

Supersolid Financial Advice provides professional tailored advice to help you develop the right financial strategy. Through our experience, we empower you to make informed decisions to improve your lifestyle through sound strategies incorporating ongoing education, service and accessibility.

Our qualified, experienced team can discuss your financial options with you and provide sound financial planning strategies on a wide range of financial services including Asset Protection, Salary Packaging, Wealth Creation, Aged Care, Retirement Planning, Superannuation and Estate Planning.

Supersolid Financial Advice is committed to working with you to achieve your goals. This involves reviewing your needs and the progress made on a regular basis.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be accepted as the very best service-oriented financial planning practice in NSW offering exceptional levels of customer service to our clients.

What We Do

  • We work with you to define your financial goals and develop strategies to achieve them
  • We offer a full range of services for your financial needs
  • We do it with a level of professionalism you can trust
  • We let you control your own affairs
  • We do it at very competitive rates

What We Don’t Do

  • We don’t forecast expected returns
  • We don’t “set and forget” your investments

What we expect from you

  • We want you to engage with us.
  • We want you to be upfront, open and honest with us.
  • We want you to keep us up to date should your financial situation change.
  • We want you to read the Statement of Advice & other information we provide.
  • We want you to understand that investment markets are volatile.
  • We want you to tell us if you do not understand our advice.

Our Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy combines rigorous client assessment and advanced portfolio construction techniques to tailor the performance we aim to deliver for each client. The result is a performance profile that creates the confidence and comfort necessary to make the right decisions in both smooth and turbulent times, so as to improve performance over the long-term.

You will benefit from

  • Proactive, tailored service
  • Ongoing contact with your financial planner
  • Regular valuations and performance updates
  • As much control over your investments as you want
  • All the advantages of a diversified portfolio